EVENTS: North Korea’s nuclear and missile program moving ‘faster than expected,’ expert says

LEFT: Donald Trump defends his response to Charlottesville

RIGHT: Trump rips Susan Rice over unmasking, says it’s ‘just the tip of the iceberg’

MARKETS: Former American Express CEO Harvey Golub wants Congress to focus on the tax cuts that would generate the most economic growth

SPORT: ‘Last Chance U’ brothers charged in stabbing

THRONES: GOT reveals they have filmed multiple endings to throw off hackers

FACT: In 2015, more people were killed in accidents related to taking a selfie, than shark attacks

MISC: Snow Leopards are no longer endangered





EVENTS: Hurricane Harvey approaches Texas and could become first major hurricane to hit the state in nine years.


LEFT: Trump flips, now asking taxpayers, not Mexico, to pay for wall.

RIGHT: Nancy Pelosi’s father helped dedicate confederate monument.

MARKETS: Worries about debt-celing creating nerve for investors and delaying tax reform.

SPORT: NBA – Lebron upset at Celtics fans burning Thomas’ jerseys.

MLB – Yankees – Tigers brawl after Cabrera home run.

NFL – Former number 3 overall pick, Blake Bortles, loses starting job to Chad Henne.


Entertainment:  Mark Wahlberg makes $42m than highest paid actress last year, highlighting Amy Schumer’s fight for equal pay.

FACT: Papercuts are extra painful because stimulate a large number of pain receptors, in a very confined area.

GOT: George R. R. Martin confirms to public that he does watch HBO’s Game of Thrones.


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EVENTS: Latest North Korean propaganda depicts Trump in Guam graveyard as well as VP Pence engulfed in flames.

LEFT: Trumps arrival at Phoenix rally greeted by mass protests from progressive and anti-bigotry groups.

RIGHT: Trump will not pardon Arpaio at Phoenix rally, White House says.

MARKETS: Energy Minerals takes a significant hit, as Trump admin rejects request from coal executives to protect plants from closing.

SPORT: NBA – Cavaliers trade Kyrie Irving to Celtics

MLB – Albert Pujols becomes all-time foreign born home run leader with 610.

NFL – OBJ could miss week 1 with ankle injury.


MUSIC:  Taylor Swift expected to release new music on Friday.

FACT: The average human lies 3 times in a 10 minute conversation.

GOT: Season 7 finale names, “The Dragon and the Wolf”, and will air for a record 79 minutes, 43 seconds.


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