EVENTS: Hurricane Harvey approaches Texas and could become first major hurricane to hit the state in nine years.


LEFT: Trump flips, now asking taxpayers, not Mexico, to pay for wall.

RIGHT: Nancy Pelosi’s father helped dedicate confederate monument.

MARKETS: Worries about debt-celing creating nerve for investors and delaying tax reform.

SPORT: NBA – Lebron upset at Celtics fans burning Thomas’ jerseys.

MLB – Yankees – Tigers brawl after Cabrera home run.

NFL – Former number 3 overall pick, Blake Bortles, loses starting job to Chad Henne.


Entertainment:  Mark Wahlberg makes $42m than highest paid actress last year, highlighting Amy Schumer’s fight for equal pay.

FACT: Papercuts are extra painful because stimulate a large number of pain receptors, in a very confined area.

GOT: George R. R. Martin confirms to public that he does watch HBO’s Game of Thrones.


Author: DV


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